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Using Dell's Wireless Card Utility program in Windows XP:

  1. When you try to connect to a wireless network in XP, you may sometimes see the following:


  2. This means that another program, usually supplied by your manufacturer, is controlling your wireless card instead of Windows XP. To use the Dell program instead, look for icon for Dell's Wireless Card Utilty in your system tray:


  3. Right-click the icon and select Open Utility.


  4. When the Wireless Card Utility window opens, select the Site Monitor tab, which displays a list of available wireless networks in your vicinity. Select the network of your choice, and click OK. If necessary you will be prompted for a password.


NOTE: Once a network has been chosen, you can reconnect to it easily next time by simply right clicking the Dell icon in the system tray, selecting Connect to and then clicking on the name of the network.


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Last Updated 10/10/09

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